fredag 15 juli 2011

Mutiny on the mamaship /Jerome Brailey

Life would be tremendously boring if only listening to jazz...This LP I bought the same year as it came out back in 1979 and few Lp´s has survived in my collection but this one still sound as amazing as when I bought it.

A true masterpiece wich never has received its recognition as one of the true classics, pumping drums and a fierce guitar that lays like a carpet of madness throughout the whole LP.

Cool lyrics " sworn to fun loyal to none"and great harmonies, the ultimate P-funk LP.

Some of you must be thinking that I´ve gone crazy but I tell you you haven´t heard anything until you listen to this LP. If I were to bring only 10 lp´s to a desert island, this one would be one of them for sure.

"What more can I say".............

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