måndag 30 augusti 2010

This 7" was given away to employees and workers to celebrate the final day of building the new Philips building in Stockholm 1962, I think this is one of the finest photos of Monica Zetterlund to been used as a record sleeve,the record itself is a one-sided record with the 2 tracks "Nilsson" and "katten Felix".

torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Roger Grosjean trio/ Cremer Monte Carlo 1967.
Not the rarest french EP but one of the best, fantastic triojazz with saxophone,drums and bass, odd setting but very nice, sounding a bit like the best from Prince Lasha, highly recommended.

torsdag 12 augusti 2010

Meta Roos LP on Click, 1978, one of the top 5 selling swedish bossa groove lp´s in the 90´s, but very few know that it was also released in Japan in 1978 in a very limited edition on Swedisc.
To promote Doris Svenssons LP back in 1970 EMI sent out with the first copies a 4-page booklet letting the record shop owners know about this new amazing LP.
However what would become a classic 90´s rare groove LP sold poorly in 1970.
This booklet is not considered to be included in the album so it is by no means an insert, just a very nice promotion sheet.

måndag 9 augusti 2010

My best fleamarket find this summer, 4 mint original posters from 1970.
Gunilla Rudling "flower lips" 50 X 70 cm, printed in Denmark by A/S Minerva.

onsdag 4 augusti 2010

What was he? 19 year old when making his first recording as leader in 1959, imagine that today...

These danish Monica Zetterlund ep´s are on top of my list of coolest sleeves, beautiful laminated and very sought after.

Lasse Fältons Orch. feat, Chris Lund.
Never released ep from 1964, on the small label Ldr situated in Linköping/Sweden this ep was pressed in 100 copies and was made only for a competition to win a record player. "corner pocket" is a lovely clubby track with vocals from Chris Lund.

This band never released any other records however they did record 1 other ep and 2 lp´s and one 10", wich I will post in pictures for you just after this post.

They where never distributed so all that is left is these test pressings and therefore they has got to be considered among the top most rare swedish jazz recordings.

I asume that they all date between 1960-64.