onsdag 19 maj 2010

Basso Valdambrini Sextet.
Privately issued LP from 1968 with handmade sleeve, belongs to a swedish collector that worked for the swedish radio during the 60´s and he got it personally from Mr.Valdambrini.

Alice Darr trio at the living room.
French LP that is dated back in 1977,but the feel of it makes me want to think around 70.
Very nice version of "knock on wood",
There´s another recording made at the living room by Marco di Marco but that one is more wellknown.

Swedish film company Europafilm made each year
during the 60´s a christmas record that was only given away to the employees at a christmas party, this 45 contains mostly talk however at the end of one side suddenly a man says "ok, second take" and then Monica Zetterlund starts singing "a day in august".

onsdag 5 maj 2010

My "aim" for creating this blogg is to show and discuss some very rare records that has either not been documented or simply because they are very cool.
As I started first as a collector then moved on to dealing many rare items has passed through my hands and this is the way I want to let you know about them as there is far more rare ones out there than you will find on other net sites.
I will also display timeless pieces that for some reason has ment a lot to me wether it is music,books or just plain intresting gems.
Hope you will enjoy!