fredag 16 december 2011

Babs Robert & the love planet

Such a remarkable jazz LP, on the Alpha label from Belgium 1970,gatefold with liner notes by Marc Moulin, this one beeing ultra rare and the music is amazing, spiritual afrojazz groove and freejazz above the average.
No info on the net, and I am so pleased with it.

December 2011

onsdag 7 december 2011

Black cat

Jazzy Black cat from my fathers early 60´s vault.

fredag 2 december 2011

Project for 2012

Here´s my upcoming project for 2012, 4 marvellous jazzposters 70 x 100cm made in the early 60´s for swedish Folkets Park.
I have the opportunity to reprint them and if I do they will come in limited edition.

Be sure to check out my webshopp in January when I publish the site for more info regarding this reprint.

Ted Curson LP WANTED

WANTED; Ted Curson LP live in Canada 1962, anyone has it?

Please contact me if you have for sale or trade.

torsdag 1 december 2011

Lee Morgan 7" Blue Note

Totally unique japanese only Blue Note 7", Lee Morgan playing the theme from Midnight cowboy.