onsdag 12 januari 2011

Carsten Meinert Quartet To you LP 1968

The first time I heard this danish LP ,about ten years ago it was like a revelation for me,it is still one of the best jazz records from Europe and I cherish this one a lot.
Musically it reminds me a lot of Coltrane and P.Sanders however it is so powerful that it just stands well alone as a landmark in Danish jazz.
For the collector I can reveil that there are 2 different pressing, first Mr.Meinert pressed it on his own label M.S. records and the label is red, more solid vinyl, second pressing possibly the same year is on blue MS/ spectator label. The first red label is almost impossible to find and he did not press many on that one.
Need I tell you that the sleeve is amazing?, it does not really look like a jazz lp more like an early progressive lp.

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HCM sa...


Love your blog, lots of nice things here :) I was wondering that would it be in anyway possible to hear this album?? I have couple of tunes already, but not those "Traneish" tunes like Dansevise, I would love to even buy this album, but I guess youre not selling ;) I know im not giving my copy of C.M.musictrain away :)

Swejazz sa...


Sorry but I did not see your comment until now,
please contact me at swejazz@comhem.se
and I will give you more info,