onsdag 23 juni 2010

Rare Italian Ep, but I put it out here just for the stunning sleeve.

Herman Schoonderwalt Quintet , dutch ep mid 60´s, rare soundtrack and a fabolous modal jazz piece.
Musically very similar to the best from Britain or Sweden.

Until recently a completely unknown british LP for me, 50´s compilation of some rare swedish ep´s, but what striked me most is the ravishing beautiful sleeve, the picture of Stockholm captures the jazzy mood of Stockholm in autumn and as I am born in Stockholm I jut have to love it!.

tisdag 22 juni 2010

Amazing play by Fitz Gore, still haven´t met anyone that doesn´t love this one.
Small label and recorded in Germany and these tracks does not feature on the LP.
2 years ago I played this one for one of the more prominent jazz dealers in Europe at the Utrecht fair and his first impression surrounded by extremly rare records was that he had not heard such a mindblowing record for a long time.

This 7" was made by Monica herself back in 1977, the sleeve photo taken from a private party and my guess is that this is the only copy of this one that excists.

Odd record ,spanish issue that has nothing to do with Monica Zetterlund except that they used the picture from her first LP to this EP, wonder if they had the rights to do that.