lördag 5 februari 2011

Sven Hessle LP 1967 Private press

It is time to step up in terms of rare, here´s probably one of the rarest swedish jazz records,pressed in very limited edition and distributed by Mr.Hessle himself.
What is most fascinating by this is the sound, it was made and recorded as a studio lp and the sound is as good as on any other Jazz lp, this LP include the brilliant tune "novotek" wich was recorded at the swedish radio, 20 minutes of Coltranish jazz wich makes any jazz player envious.
Since this incredible music is not available to everyone at least you can get this tune "novotek" by buying the recent reissue of Gilbert Holmström LP utan misstankar on cd here: www.moserobie.com
Very nice and exclusive reissue with improved sound of the magnificent Holmström LP wich include novotek as a bonus track.
However the whole Hessle LP should be reissued and earn its recognition as one of Sweden´s finest LP´s of all time.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

den här skivan vore fantastiskt om den släpptes i sin helhet på nytt. av de låtar man kunnat höra är det något helt unikt för både vår och den tidens jazz.

Swejazz sa...

Vi får hoppas att det bara är en tidsfåga innan den blir tillgänglig för allmänheten.

Sami sa...

Sounds beautiful even I haven't heard it, heh. I really hope to hear this one day. Maybe I should change my LP version "Utan misstankar" to be able to hear this bonus track.

Swejazz sa...

It is worth buying the cd for this bonus track, but I would keep the LP as well.
Thanks for comment!