onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Bo Wärmell/Bertil Lövgren Blue train 1962

Sometimes it is the small details that makes all the difference(no points guessing wich movie that line came from). A rare little 7", but here is the promo copy that was sent out to one of Swedens most famous jazz collectors, at the time working for one of the major newspapers in Sweden 1962. With the original photo taken for the sleeve by Bo Trenter and with the letter and all.

måndag 25 oktober 2010

Willy Lundin

I have no idea what year it is from, maybe around 1970, it is a gatefold flexidisc from Gothenburg and it presents the music of Willy Lundin, mostly talk but also a short version of "watermelon man", not strictly jazz but a nice oddity.

Juhani Vilki sextet

Very odd 7" from Finland, it is from 1965 but the sleeve design feels almost a bit 80´s, 2 great long tunes and the recording is superb and needless to say that the label is beautiful red Parlophone.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Bernt Rosengren

This is for me the best jazz ep ever recorded ,that might also have something to do with that I love the movie.
Fabolous playing by Bernt and the scene with the boat leaving for the sea is a landmark in moviemaking in terms of using soundtrack contra picture.

Top 3 rarest Norwegian ep´s

Few people have ever seen them and here they are together....................

Lars Lystedt The Runner

In my opinion if I were to chose one swedish jazz tune from the 60´s this would be it!
Hard driven jazz that any jazzdigger would find amazing.

måndag 18 oktober 2010

New list...out soon..

Contact me for details........

New list ...out soon...

Contact me for details.......................................

fredag 15 oktober 2010

Dexter Gordon

One of the less known posters for The Golden Circle around 1963.

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

Archimedes badkar

Improvised progressive jazz recorded winter 1973, their debut single, pressed in 100 copies and sleeve silk screen printed. A huge want among jazz and progressive collectors.

söndag 3 oktober 2010

Rune Gustafsson

I am wondering how they discussed this 7" in Spain upon release, how to make a jazz record sell in 1969? let´s make a psychadelic flower power sleeve to it and it will sell. However in this case it did not help but it is a nice piece of history and do reflect the era back in the late 60´s.
Only released in Spain on the small label Belter.

Golden circle

When Mr.Starkenberg made the posters for the Golden circle jazz concerts in the early 60´s he used screen print wich cost so much that he made each poster in so very limited edition that they could not put them up except for outside the Golden circle, for most of them he only used black and white colors, therefore this is my favourite one. Lou Donaldson 50X70.

October 10

Just a quick note that we now have October 2010....

fredag 1 oktober 2010

Ardy--The painter of love

Ardy Struwer, the Painter of love, you all know the legendary handpainted 7" that he made for an exhibition around 1970, the story is told that it was made in 99 copies copies,however that is not true, he signed 99 copies but there was around 200 copies made, but what is less known is the fact that he also made this matchbox for the exhibition and how many of these survived?. Nice......
During the 70´s we did not have 500 channels to chose from on the TV, this 7" by Berndt Egerbladh is from my favourite crime show in Sweden back in 1977, he used the bassline from Doris´s "you never come closer" to back James Hollingworth singing, no wonder I loved the theme back then and still do.
Top drawing by Hans Arnold on the cover too...